Short for Battle Field Removal, and refers to the act of one character forcing their opponent out of the established fighting area, resulting in a default win.

BFR is the tactic of defeating an opponent by expelling them from the battle area, so that they cannot return under their own power within a reasonable amount of time. If the battle arena has established physical boundaries that the fighters aren't allowed to cross, then a BFR can be achieved by forcing the other person to cross those boundaries. Like Speedblitzing, BFR is often not used by characters who are capable of doing so in actual storylines, often due to PIS. However, it is considered a legitimate tactic.

Examples of BFR:

-Trapping someone in another dimension

-Burying someone underground (if they can't break out)

-Sending someone to a different time

-Throwing someone into space (if they are stronger and the enemy have no way to return by themselves)

-Throwing/hitting someone so far away that it would take an unrealistic amount of time for them to return

Characters with BFR abilities:

-Don Fua from Battle Angel Alita

-Kuma from One Piece

-Sieg Hart from RAVE

- Kaguya, Kakashi, and Obito from Naruto

- The Doctor from Doctor Who

A specialized case of BFR occurs in the Dragon Ball Budokai (tournaments), where a fighter is disqualified if they touch anything outside of the ring.

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