D.Gray-Man is a manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. It's about a kid named Allen Walker who has the power to see the Soul locked within some monsters called Akuma. The Akuma are created from humans by the Millenium Earl, a creepy fatass with city-busting powers. Also Allen and the other exorcists fight the Noahs who work for the Earl, and are known to have broken powers (especially Tyki Mikk, who has selective intangibility, vacuum creation, and tentacles)

Power of the VerseEdit

D.Gray-Man is considered to be around the same level as Hunter x Hunter, while being slightly stronger. Though D.Gray-Man has sunk on the powerscale, it still boasts some impressive hax.

Character ProfilesEdit


-Allen Walker


-Yuu Kanda


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