Name: Johnathan Lowell Spencer Storm (usually shortened to just Johnny Storm), The Human Torch

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Human mutate

Age: Unknown (likely in his 30s)

Attack Potency: City level+ (destroyed an asteroid the size of Manhattan), potential life wiper/continent level+ via Supernovas

Range: Potentially planetary

Speed: Hypersonic+ (at least escape velocity, mach 32.6)

Durability: Large building level, city level+ against flame/fire/heat - based attacks

Lifting Strength: Peak human

Striking Strength: Peak human

Stamina: Superhuman, can only stay in plasma form for 16.8 hours

Standard Equipment: Current owner of the Cosmic Control Rod

Intelligence: Years of experience fighting against nearly every conceivable type of enemy, experienced HtH combatant and excellent in controlling his powers, skilled racecar driver and auto mechanic

Weakness: Needs oxygen in the vicinity to ignite himself, his flames can be smothered by enough of various suppressant materials, although he can reignite them

Powers and Abilities: Super speed, flight, thermal energy generation and manipulation, plasma manipulation, can absorb heat and fire, immune to most heat-based attacks (any fire less than 1 million degrees Fahrenheit cannot hurt him), can create clones of himself out of fire, can detect heat signatures, he can adjust his personal flame/plasma field to allow himself to touch and carry people without harming them, or to vaporize anything that gets near him

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Flame Clones: Johnny can create temporary clones out of flame to distract or attack his opponents

-Fire Manipulation: In addition to creating a fire aura around himself, he can manipulate any fires in the area, causing them to grow larger or smaller. He can also project flame as jets, beams, fireballs, etc. and form it into complex forms like cages, ropes, discs, and other shapes.

-Nova Flames: By burning to his maximum natural limit, he can create a massively intense form of fire which is comparable to stellar temperatures and will completely overwhelm any normal fire. Using this at maximum potential, he can create a small-scale version of a supernova, which has the potential to ignite the atmosphere and destroy the surface of the earth

-Anihalation Wave: Current leader of the Negative Zone, has a vast army or giant relentless space insects at his disposal.

Notable OBD Victories:

- Pyro (Marvel Comics)

Notable OBD Losses:

- Iron Man (Marvel Comics) - Iron Man Profile


This profile only covers the 616 Marvel Comics version of the Human Torch, and should also not be confused with the original Human Torch (also a Marvel property, but a completely different character)

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