The Mount Turtle is one of the limbs of the Four Beast.

Powers and Stats=Edit

Tier: 6-E

Name: Mount Turtle

Origin: Toriko

Gender: Variable

Age: Unknown (The one shown is only just around a few hours after its release)

Classification: Volcanic Crustacean Beast (Capture Level - 150), Four Beast Appendage

Attack Capacity: Country level (Caused a country-sized explosion with Magma Missile, also smashed Ice Hell just by swimming through it)

Range: Hundreds of kilometers with Magma Missiles

Speed: Massively Hypersonic movement speed and attack speed (traveled planetary distances in a few minutes), though it does not seem to be very fast or agile in term of combat speed as it took any attacks aimed at it, rather than avoid them.

Durability: Country level (withstood a combined assault from the Allied Army Forces that has enough power to raze a country without any damage)

Lifting Strength: At least Class G by virtue of its size (it weights around 0.5 billion tons), possibly higher

Striking Strength: Possibly Class TT (smashed Ice Hell to pieces)

Stamina: Quite large (still has the energy to swim through the earth's crust for 30,000+km while heavily injured)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Average intellect

Weakness: It's very huge (>1km in size)and not very fast or agile combat-wise, making it an easy target

Powers and Abilities: 

-Super Strength and Speed

-Magma Manipulation (Basic-level)

-Can fire blasts of magma missiles from its mouth

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magma Missile: Mount Turtle can fire high velocity magma projectiles from its mouth which can create a huge explosion upon impact and can annihilate an entire fleet with a single shot.


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