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An ongoing webcomic from ONE with a rather unique (terrible) art but a good read regardless.

It has since been picked up by Yusuke Murata (the author of Eyeshield 21) and he publishes a remake canon manga version of the series which is ongoing.

There is also an anime series which is produced by Madhouse and is just excellent.

The setting is fictional Japan, though it has different cities and what not. The world is filled with various kinds of monsters ("Mysterious Beings") who terrorize the world, and against them is the Heroes Association, which has a staff of "professional" heroes whose job it is to take care of the monsters and various disasters.
The main protagonist, Saitama, is an overwhelmingly powerful (by far the strongest in his verse) former salary man (how he obtained his strength remains a mystery) who, at the beginning of the story, is a hobby hero, until he joins the Hero Association down the line. The story follows Saitama in his hero career, as he faces off (and one shots) different kinds of Mysterious Beings, meets friends (his disciple Genos), a self-proclaimed nemesis (Sonic) and so on.

The webcomic, the manga and the anime are canon to the series.

Guide to Disaster level Monsters

- God level: Threat to humanity.

- Dragon level: Threat to many cities.

- Demon level: Threat to a whole city.

- Tiger level: Threat to an unknown number of human lives.

- Wolf level: A being that might pose as a threat.

Power of the VerseEdit

Saitama is currently the true god tier, so far. Saitama himself is hard to quantify given that he deals with everything with little difficulty, but he has (casual) feats which gives him up to continent level attack potency and durability coupled with sub-relativistic speeds.

There are also characters like Garou (in his Monster forms) and Boros who made Saitama fight a bit seriously, so those two are having at least small country level/around continent level stats and Sub-Relativistic speeds as well.

The verse also has several at least city level+ and at least island level+ (the very strong Dragon level characters and beings) characters, though there is a notable lack of hax (very few have special abilities), as almost everyone uses some form of physical combat.

Saitama has also garnered a fairly large fanbase.

Which means there are several wankers. Don't be surprised if you see dubious claims about his strength.

As a verse they're currently above the likes of One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho and RAVE. But below Naruto and Toriko.

Character ProfilesEdit

Heroes AssociationEdit
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Atomic Samurai Bang Genos PuriPuri-Prisoner Metal Bat Metal Knight
[7] [8] [9]
Saitama  Tank Top Master  Tatsumaki
Mysterious Beings/MonstersEdit
Asura Rhino
Mosquito Girl
Sea King
Vaccine Man

Alien Invaders:

[15] [16]
Boros Geluganshp Melzalgald


[17] [18] [19]
Garou Hammerhead Sonic
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